Review: Subete ni Iya Garu (The Hating Girl)


The Hating Girl

The English version of the title (The Hating Girl) isn’t quite right translated.

So let’s divide the title into segments:

Subete ni ————– Iya ——————— Garu
Everything about —- arrow shooting —– Girl

You see… because of such translating differences you shouldn’t learn Japanese by comparing the translated with the raw version (just grab your jisho and read only the raw).

I’m not gonna say why she has an arrow stuck in her head or if she still has it at the end of this stoy!

A Japanese boy named Ryouji transfers schools. In his new class he sits next to a girl with an arrow stuck in her head. As he has never seen something like this before, he wants to find out more about her so they start talking.

They build up a relationship full of misunderstandings leading into various hilarious situations (let me say broom stick and pocket warmer… you will know what I mean ^_^). Please don’t misunderstand me with hilarious situations, this is NOT an ecchi manga! This manga is almost like a yonkoma-manga warped into real a “full-panel” one.

So where is the hatch?
Okay… there are a few but they shouldn’t be overestimated: The chapters are very short and almost each one of them is about one special thing which slightly disturbs the flow of the story. The character development of Ryouji is also very limited.


When it’s about drawing style I like almost everything: sketchy drawings in BLAME!, shounen-like drawings in Dragonball, old-school in Ranma ½, and the realistic style of Naoki Urasawa.

The art of this manga is like a mixture of shounen-like and old-school style. The pictures look like if they were drawn by a (very) skilled child but that makes it so loveable and supports the comedy scenes. I think this manga wouldn’t work without this style. It would definitely loose it’s persuasive power.

I really enjoyed the time while reading this manga. Unlike all the shounen ecchi/harem  mangas you can’t predict the storyline as this one jumps over the well known clichés and redefines them. On top of that the characters are lovable and the progression of their relationship is well made.

I gave this manga an 8/10 (8 means “very good”) on my MyAnimeList profile because the strong points cover up the weak spots so you don’t notice them at first.


New Year’s Change

Hey everyone,

I hope that you had a great New Year’s eve!

During this whole Christmas/New Year time I thought about what I want to with this blog as I definitely can’t keep up the reviews for the weekly publishing manga (I’m starting a new course for learning Japanese next week).

My solution is that from now on I review only non-mainstream, underrated and infamous manga.

A negative side is that I’m probably gonna lose some of my readers but you know that’s okay for me as long as I can keep on blogging.

I’m at a point where I can’t easily find some good mangas out there. Let’s take the genre “romance” (shounen + seinen). I’m really kinda into this genre and thus I’ve read almost every famous romance manga. So the only possibility for an addict like me is to search every online reading site (well, mostly and for more stuff.

Surprisingly, I found a bunch of nice unknown series which can compete with their famous big brothers.

In the next few days I’ll post my first “new” review. It’s about the manga called “Subete ni Iya Garu” (the english title is “The Hating Girl”). If you want to you can already check out the series on and begin reading it.

So… stay tuned.

PS: I’m probably gonna change the theme again…