Naruto chapter 476: Sasuke vs. Danzou

Sasuke vs. Danzou

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BAKUMAN chapter 66: Monkeys and Marriage (+ Anime Update)

Monkeys and Marriage

Are you ready for this week’s BAKUMAN? Here we go…

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Naruto chapter 475: Madara’s true power

Madara’s true power

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BAKUMAN chapter 65: Stubbornness and Meekness

Stubbornness and Meekness

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BAKUMAN chapter 64: Truth and Secrets

Truth and Secrets

BAKUMAN is back… it wasn’t really on hiatus or somethin’ like that… but hey, a new chapter was released!

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Naruto chapter 473: Brother


Big brother is watching you!

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BAKUMAN chapter 63: Doubt and Trust

Doubt and Trust

Are you ready for some news about Ashirogi’s new series?

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