New Year’s Change

Hey everyone,

I hope that you had a great New Year’s eve!

During this whole Christmas/New Year time I thought about what I want to with this blog as I definitely can’t keep up the reviews for the weekly publishing manga (I’m starting a new course for learning Japanese next week).

My solution is that from now on I review only non-mainstream, underrated and infamous manga.

A negative side is that I’m probably gonna lose some of my readers but you know that’s okay for me as long as I can keep on blogging.

I’m at a point where I can’t easily find some good mangas out there. Let’s take the genre “romance” (shounen + seinen). I’m really kinda into this genre and thus I’ve read almost every famous romance manga. So the only possibility for an addict like me is to search every online reading site (well, mostly and for more stuff.

Surprisingly, I found a bunch of nice unknown series which can compete with their famous big brothers.

In the next few days I’ll post my first “new” review. It’s about the manga called “Subete ni Iya Garu” (the english title is “The Hating Girl”). If you want to you can already check out the series on and begin reading it.

So… stay tuned.

PS: I’m probably gonna change the theme again…


Naruto chapter 474: Hokage’s Resolution

Hokage’s Resolution

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Naruto chapter 470: Killerbee vs. Kisame


Now it’s confirmed: Sakura has her period!

Part one of this chapter continues with the conversation between Sakura and Naruto.

Sakura is a bit pissed as Naruto thinks her confession was just an excuse to stop Naruto from chasing Sasuke. ~Why the hell is Sakura trying to convince Naruto that her confession was serious… I mean even a 3-year old blind kid could tell that this was all for show!

Part two of this chapter is about the fight Killerbee (and Ponta) vs. Kisame.

After some average fight scenes we get to the “only this thing made the chapter interesting”-point: Kisame reveals the true form his sword “Samehada” which was all the time wrapped-in.


For the next chapter I want to see some more Samehada stuff… and some ecchi scenes of the Mizukage…

I’ll give this chapter a 6/10

PS: You can read this chp. here -> CLICK and of course THX SleepyFans for the speed scan!