Naruto chapter 476: Sasuke vs. Danzou

Sasuke vs. Danzou

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Naruto chapter 475: Madara’s true power

Madara’s true power

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Naruto chapter 474: Hokage’s Resolution

Hokage’s Resolution

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Naruto chapter 473: Brother


Big brother is watching you!

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Naruto chapter 472: A Deadly Battle In An Underwater Prison

A deadly battle in an underwater prison

This week’s Naruto is out and a little early too!

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Naruto chapter 471: The Tailed Beast, Version 2


Okay… what about this strange chapter name?… “version 2” huh…

Lemme try to explain…

The fight between KillerBee and Kisame continues. At first Bee throws on the “hachibi cloak” which I interpret as simply using some of the tailed beast’s chakra:


A few panels later Samehada eats 6 tails of Bees chakra-cloak:


After a short conversation with his Bijou Bee transforms into the “hachibi-cloak” version 2. This version is the result of taking only bijou-chakra and forming it into a human shape. Naruto did this too in various fights before.


With version 2 on Bee managed to hurt Kisame very seriously. But again Samehada draws a high amount of Bee’s chakra so he turns back to the version 1 hachibi-cloak. Furthermore Kiasme’s wounds are healed by Samehada’s chakra and on top of that he even fuses with his sword. The result looks like a cheap ripoff of the Zora from “Legend of Zelda”:


Besides the fight we see some boring support character suff… That’s for chapter 471. I give this one a 7/10!

PS: And again THX to SleepyFans!

Naruto chapter 470: Killerbee vs. Kisame


Now it’s confirmed: Sakura has her period!

Part one of this chapter continues with the conversation between Sakura and Naruto.

Sakura is a bit pissed as Naruto thinks her confession was just an excuse to stop Naruto from chasing Sasuke. ~Why the hell is Sakura trying to convince Naruto that her confession was serious… I mean even a 3-year old blind kid could tell that this was all for show!

Part two of this chapter is about the fight Killerbee (and Ponta) vs. Kisame.

After some average fight scenes we get to the “only this thing made the chapter interesting”-point: Kisame reveals the true form his sword “Samehada” which was all the time wrapped-in.


For the next chapter I want to see some more Samehada stuff… and some ecchi scenes of the Mizukage…

I’ll give this chapter a 6/10

PS: You can read this chp. here -> CLICK and of course THX SleepyFans for the speed scan!