BAKUMAN chapter 66: Monkeys and Marriage (+ Anime Update)

Monkeys and Marriage

Are you ready for this week’s BAKUMAN? Here we go…

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BAKUMAN Anime Confirmed For Fall 2010!

Freakin’ hell yeah!

How awesome is that! I fell out of my chair when I read the news on ANN. I was so looking forward to this and finally in about a year we get BAKUMAN on TV!

This is the snippet from Shounen Jump with the confirmation.

The year 2010 is gonna be so great. I’m looking forward to 4 animes now: BAKUMAN, Durarara!!, Dance With The Vampire Bund and Katanagatari.

I post updates about the BAKUMAN Anime as soon they’re avaliable…

PS: Does that mean the manga ends before fall 2010? For the manga’s sake I hope they continue it and don’t cover up the full story in one anime season.

BAKUMAN chapter 65: Stubbornness and Meekness

Stubbornness and Meekness

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BAKUMAN chapter 64: Truth and Secrets

Truth and Secrets

BAKUMAN is back… it wasn’t really on hiatus or somethin’ like that… but hey, a new chapter was released!

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BAKUMAN chapter 63: Doubt and Trust

Doubt and Trust

Are you ready for some news about Ashirogi’s new series?

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BAKUMAN chapter 62: Novel and Letter


Sujin and cute Female-Mangaka-chan are meeting at the zoo for their secret conversations. Surprisingly she brought Shujin’s old classmate Iwase (the 0.5-Bitch) with her. Shujin is totally like “Woooah… what the freakin’ hell is goin’ on here?!”.

She hands him a self-written published novel out and hops she can convert him to the good novel-side of the literature:



You see… the dark manga-side of Litrature wins every timeeeee… muhahaha!

Anyway… a few panels of some very violent and brutal scenes later (I don’t put pics here as I care about the youth!) 0.5-Bitch leaves pissed off. Finally Female-mangaka-chan and Shujin can start their secret date conversation. She wonders about if they can continue meeting each other although they are concurrents in the manga business. Shujin wants to clear this with Mashiro first before he gives his answer.

Back at the studio Mashiro gives his okay to continue meeting. Sujin’s bottom bitch aka “Mrs.Mop” also arrives at the studio ’cause she wants to clean the studio up a bit.  So Ashirogi leaves and Mrs. Mop starts cleaning. While dedusting the bookshelf the novel which the 0.5-Bitch gave Shujin earlier falls down and a letter slips out.

You know what… it’s a love letter from 0.5-Bitch! Disappointed Mrs. Mop leaves the studio and tries not to cry…

Well… many stuff happened in this chapter. Sooo… I give this one a 8/10.

BAKUMAN chapter 61: Alliances and Classmates

This week’s BAKUMAN is out…

Shujin is such a damn lucky person: He got 2 and a half bitches who are falling for him. If I was him I would drop my current bottom bitch Tsundere-chan and replace her with Cute-Female-Mangaka-chan.

Of course she said “my underwear” by accident… yeah, we believe you hahahaha

He also gets a new bitch at the end of the chapter which he knows since 9th grade… she’s also quite cute… You should check her out!

Let’s switch over to the interesting part of this chapter: Ashigori’s new series. Shujin comes up with a draft scenario and for my taste is kinda too childish.

He comes up with a boy who gets inventiones from his grandfather and messes around with them. Since they want to manke a manga which both kids and adults can enjoy it would be better if they’d create a more “bizarre” hero. But okay… it’s their series… They can do whatever the hell they want…

BTW: I think they gonna name their new manga “BAKUMAN”.

Judging from SleepyFans’ speed scan I’ll give this one an 8/10!

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18<–which one is cuter–>02