Introducing: Ane Doki

Ane Doki

There are times when you start reading a new manga and you recognize the mangaka by the drawing style.

This happened to me with some series of Nihei Tsutomu (author of Blame), Mitsuru Adachi (author of H2, Touch) and Ueshiba Riichi (author of Mysterious Girlfriend X). Today I can add Kawashita Mizuki (author of Ichigo 100%) to the list.

I randomly checked the currently running Shonen Jump series and I picked “Ane Doki” ’cause there was a tiny boy standing on top of a hot chick’s palmtop. Expecting a more serious manga (as i thought the guy was really that small) it really surprised me that it turned out to be a romance manga.

On THIS page I thought this girl looks like Nishino and Toujo (both girls from Ichigo 100%) mixed into one person… Then I realized that this is the new series of Kawashita Mizuki.

I usually don’t get this excited about a manga but this one has the same feeling and atmosphere like Ichigo 100%.

If you have a little space in your manga-list then I’ll recommend you to add this series. With 18 releases chapters it’s also easy to catch up as well.

Ahhhh… it really feels good to read such a cliche manga once in a while and try to predict the storyline within the chapter^^