Manga Comments wishes you a merry Christmas!

Hey everyone…

I wish you all a merry Christmas!

Here is a very nice video I found on Youtube. If you have 3 minutes you should watch it:

Please don’t expect a manga review before new year’s eve… I’m kinda busy right now….

Well then…. later!


How to organise your mangas and animes online

Hey guys,

If you want to watch anime and read manga seriously you have to organise your watching/reading list sooner or later. An awesome way to do this is simply creating an excel-file… But you know… a more awesome way is to use There you can list up all your favourite animes and mangas, rank them, write reviews, compare your list to other’s and more!

Okay… it takes a while to complete your list with your series but it’s totally worth it.

Here you can check out my PROFILE, my MANGALIST and my ANIMELIST.

Send me a friend request if you like^^

PS: The guy in the background of my lists is called Meme Oshino and is from the anime “Bakemonogatari”.


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Keepin’ it real boring

Okay guys,

let me just tell ya what this blog-thing is all about. I guess you’re right: It’s all about MANGA.

-my comments on new released chapters/ volumes
-my manga recommendations
-stuff that won’t fit in anywhere just like this hella creepy post

and of course:
-YOUR comments, opinions, whatever…

Well then… let’s get started with……. ehh……. I don’t really know >_>
I’ll place this topic into the 2nd post

That’s it for the first one…

cya hopefully in the second!