Mysterious Girlfriend X chapter 40: Mysterious Letters

Mysterious Letters

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Mysterious Girlfriend X chapter 39: Imai Momoka’s super cruel plan to totally own the world

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~(SADLY) not quiet exactly but almost…

In chapter 39 of Mysterious Girlfriend X Imai Momoka tries to catch Urabe for her super cruel plan to totally own the world to switch roles with each other.

But first Urabe takes Imai to her home as she needs some clothes (In chapter 38 Urabe cut up Imai’s clothes in a panie-scissors/high-kick fight). After a quick shower Imai tests Urabe if she can keep up with her dancing skills. Surprisingly she can although she never danced before!

img021Afterwards Imai explains she wants Urabe to be her doubleganger since Imai wants to enjoy the “normal teenager life”. As an idol she hasn’t much time to go out and do some perverted things and this kind of stuff. In exchange Urabe could be a famous idol from time to time. But well… she hesitates.

Aside from her super cruel plan Imai wants to see Tsubaki tasting Urabes drool so hat she can see the special bond between them. If so she’s gonna give up her dreams to totally own the world. ~DAMN I cant get over this whole yuri thing -.-

Anyway… I’ll give this one a 8/10!

PS: Yeah… I’m crawling back into my corner now…………

The monthly RAW-hunt is over… finally~

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Reading manga is like taking drugs… seriously!MGX_§)

For a certain time you’re able to wait patiently for the monthly running series but when it’s about time for the RAWs to be released you just think something like “I wanna just get my monthly fix and hide in a dark corner for an other month”.
I, for one do so… seriously!

So today is the day when I come out of the spooky dark corner of my room and download the latest chapter of Mysterious Girlfriend X.

MGX is about a young couple which has a special bond through tasting eachother’s drool. Sounds kinda disgusting, right? But I can assure you that this manga is like an uncut diamont. At first you get the impression this is just an other shounen/romance story but then you discover the awesome art and the unique storytelling style of the author. This is one of a few manga I recommend to everyone!

So use your free-time now and leave my blog and start reading this masterpiece!