Mirai Nikki chapter 47

Oh… it’s already been a month since the last release

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Mirai Nikki chapter 46 + 46.5


When it comes to Mirai Nikki I get jealous about Yukiteru:

1st ’cause of his uber keitai phone displaying the future like in a  blog
2nd ’cause of his badass girlfriend Yuno.

Who wouldn’t fall for a almost naked girl carrying her dead parents’ heads?!

(actually we don’t still know if Yuno is the real dauthger of her parents…. things are confusing right now…)

Anyway here is a little sum-up:

Yuki arrives with Yuno at the great vault where the 11th hides. As they can’t open it Yuki suddenly rises Yuno’s skirt and f**cks her from the back………

I’ll give this ch. a 7/10