Review: Boku to Issho

Boku to Issho

This review is based of chapter 1 – 24

The title is very hard to translate. I had to ask my Japanese Sensei to help me with this one. In German it means “Ich unter Gleichen” and I have no idea how to translate it in English. Google-translation says “I am among equals” (but you know… Google is lame in translating). So… if you can help me with this translation, please leave a comment!


Suguo and his little brother Ikou were abondoned by their father from their home in the countryside. With hardly any money they try to go to Tokyo. On their way they meet a strange-looking guy named Itokin. As they find out that they are in the same situation (no real home, job etc.) they team up. From there on, the group gathers more and more people.

The relationship between all the group members is hard to describe. They are not real friends but rather an alliance on purpose. The purpose is to get a job, away from the street and of course super hot chicks.

So the story goes on showing how they desperately try but failing every time followed by flat and tasteless jokes which will make you laughing your ass off!

You can describe the art as high-end bad quality seinen-like drawings.

The side characters are a bit out of shape from time to time but he main characters are well made. In most comedic situations the faces are – let me say – overdrawn which supports the atmosphere dramatically (almost like in “Great Teacher Onizuka”).



If there weren’t these faces, my rating would have dropped about the half.

This manga does everything right with doing some things wrong in a refreshing good way.

The comedy scenes are placed well and they come over natural but always exaggerated. There’s only a small degree between dumb and genius. This manga manages to jumps between those two as if there isn’t anything easier in the world.

The weird thing is that the weak points are also the strong points since it really depends on your personal taste if you like this style or not. I lke it very much so I  gave this series a 9/10 on MAL.

This manga lasted very long the 3rd pace in my top 5 manga. It has recently been replaced by Naoki Urasawa’s “Pluto”.

PS: Do you know the punk band called NOFX? Well, I do and the mangaka obviously as well: