Naruto chapter 476: Sasuke vs. Danzou

Sasuke vs. Danzou


The chapter begins ans instead continue fighting Madara let’s Sasuke has his chance to get revenge. So danzou starts a jutsu with a few hand signs and dashed towards Sasuke. He is about to punch him in his stomach but Sasuke summoned a bone of Susanoo to stop Danzou.

After tat he summons Susanoo’s hand and grabs Danzou with it.

The scene swithces to Naruto and the others. Kakashi orderes Yamato to take back Naruto to Konoha and he and Sai are following Sakura. Then we see Naruto looking back on the recent events. He starts hyperventilating  and faints as he crawls deeper and deeper into his memories.

Back to Sasuke and Danzou:

Danzou is still caught by Susanoo’s and Sasuke asks him if its true that Konoha made Itachi kill his own clan. Danzou reveals that it’s true and because of that Sasuke summons almost everything from Susanoo’s body for his final strike. Danzou doesn’t stop talking so Susanoo crushes him.

Just when Sasuke  thought that he won Danzou appears behind him. It was a genjutsu!

My 2 Cents:

Before I talk about the chapter let’s have a look on the cover of this week’s WSJ:

In the background there are a bunch of wannabe cosplayers almost all with black hair. That’s the proof that WSJ kidnapped some schoolkids dressed them as Naruto and pasted them on the cover. For an alibi they took some serious cosplayers with dyed hair so that the ones with black hair don’t stand out so much……

Well let’s talk about the chapter…

Yeah… it was an average chapter. Too much talking but it had some cool scenes and Sasuke’s face is nicely drawn. You can almost see his hatred through his face. Susanoo is also well-drawn.

Damn… I really hoped that Madara would be fighting against Danzou to show off some of his abilities 😦

I’ll give this on a 7/10.

PS: I really hate the pussy attitude of Naruto in this chapter!

PPS: Thanks to and SleepyFans.


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