Manga Comments wishes you a merry Christmas!

Hey everyone…

I wish you all a merry Christmas!

Here is a very nice video I found on Youtube. If you have 3 minutes you should watch it:

Please don’t expect a manga review before new year’s eve… I’m kinda busy right now….

Well then…. later!


Naruto chapter 476: Sasuke vs. Danzou

Sasuke vs. Danzou

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BAKUMAN chapter 66: Monkeys and Marriage (+ Anime Update)

Monkeys and Marriage

Are you ready for this week’s BAKUMAN? Here we go…

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BAKUMAN Anime Confirmed For Fall 2010!

Freakin’ hell yeah!

How awesome is that! I fell out of my chair when I read the news on ANN. I was so looking forward to this and finally in about a year we get BAKUMAN on TV!

This is the snippet from Shounen Jump with the confirmation.

The year 2010 is gonna be so great. I’m looking forward to 4 animes now: BAKUMAN, Durarara!!, Dance With The Vampire Bund and Katanagatari.

I post updates about the BAKUMAN Anime as soon they’re avaliable…

PS: Does that mean the manga ends before fall 2010? For the manga’s sake I hope they continue it and don’t cover up the full story in one anime season.

Naruto chapter 475: Madara’s true power

Madara’s true power

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BAKUMAN chapter 65: Stubbornness and Meekness

Stubbornness and Meekness

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GantZ chapter 309: Resolve Unleashed

Resolve Unleashed

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