Kimi No Iru Machi chapter 66

kimi no iru machi

An other chapter of Kimi No Iru Machi was releasd. Okay… this review is kinda hard… ’cause the last 10 chapters were really boring (chapter 66 included).

Just don’t read it if you aren’t a fan of this series.

I hope in the next chapter the relationship between Haruto an Eba progresses.
I’ll give tis chapter a 4/10.

PS: I only left a comment because i already made a nice header for KNIR.


BAKUMAN chapter 60

August 2008: It was a chilly evening when I randomly surfed on checkin’ the new manga series out. One of them catched my eye: BAKUMAN.


The first chapter was already available so I read it. “Well, that’s one of the better mangas” I thought. Sadly I “lost” the series as I forgot the name. I didn’t caought up the series for about  8 months.

Due to a friend’s recommendation I finally found my lost series again.

This week BAKUMAN reached it’s 60th release and it’s getting better and better!

In this chapter Ashigori (I know Ashirogi are 2 persons called Takagi alias Shujin (jap. Thief) and Mashiro) decides which genre his next series will have. He’s gonna make a gag-manga mainly aimed for kids but it should entertain adults as well.

I kinda like this idea as one of my favourite anime series is considered to be in this genre: “Crayon Shin-Chan”. So I really wonder with what for a killer idea he comes up for his manga. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

To sum it up I give this chapter an 8/10

Mirai Nikki chapter 46 + 46.5


When it comes to Mirai Nikki I get jealous about Yukiteru:

1st ’cause of his uber keitai phone displaying the future like in a  blog
2nd ’cause of his badass girlfriend Yuno.

Who wouldn’t fall for a almost naked girl carrying her dead parents’ heads?!

(actually we don’t still know if Yuno is the real dauthger of her parents…. things are confusing right now…)

Anyway here is a little sum-up:

Yuki arrives with Yuno at the great vault where the 11th hides. As they can’t open it Yuki suddenly rises Yuno’s skirt and f**cks her from the back………

I’ll give this ch. a 7/10

Naruto chapter 469: THIS IS WAR


I really can’t believe it. This is gonna be the greatest war the world has ever seen.

NO, I don’t mean the fight KillerBee vs. Kisame or the 4th great ninja war. I mean the war between the NaruSaku and NaruHina fans.

10Kishi dropped the bomb: Sakura told Naruto that she loves him! A few panels later this happened:


Naruto did the unbelievable: He dumped her right away! How awesome is that!

Well, actually I have to admit that I’m a huge NaruHina fan (because she’s soooo damn hawt)

Anyway here is a little cheer-up for the NaruSaku fans who want to attempt suicide ->HERE<-

As a normal manga fan I’ll give this ch. a 7/10
As a NaruHina fan I’ll give this a 21.564/10

Now the 1.000.000 internet-money question:

Which one of them will Naruto choose?
A) Kakashi-sensei ’cause he has a mysterious appearance
B) Hinata ’cause she loves him for real
C) Sakura ’cause she has her period
D) Jiraya-sensei… oh wait, he’s dead


THX Blinktopia and SleepyFans for providing us every week with th latest Naruto chapters!


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GantZ chapter 306


The new chapter of GantZ was released and I have to say that it’s a very typical one.

To give an understanding of what “typical” means here you have the translation of page 2 to 8 form … hf

Page 02

[There is nothing written]

Page 03

[There is nothing written]

Page 04

[There is nothing written]

Page 05

[There is nothing written]

Page 06

[There is nothing written]

Page 07

[There is nothing written]

Page 08

Boy: I can not believe … / / … The war has begun …

Girl: I’m afraid, very afraid … / / What we do?

As you can see GantZ  goes with the concept of pictures saying more than words.


The only point of this cp. is to show some big evil alien-robot-transformers and some alien heavy-duty-guys messing with Japan and the rest of the world.

I hope the story progresses with the next chapter.

I’ll give this a 6/10

PS: Did anyone heard about a GantZ release twice a month? o_O

The monthly RAW-hunt is over… finally~

Unbenannt-5 neu

Reading manga is like taking drugs… seriously!MGX_§)

For a certain time you’re able to wait patiently for the monthly running series but when it’s about time for the RAWs to be released you just think something like “I wanna just get my monthly fix and hide in a dark corner for an other month”.
I, for one do so… seriously!

So today is the day when I come out of the spooky dark corner of my room and download the latest chapter of Mysterious Girlfriend X.

MGX is about a young couple which has a special bond through tasting eachother’s drool. Sounds kinda disgusting, right? But I can assure you that this manga is like an uncut diamont. At first you get the impression this is just an other shounen/romance story but then you discover the awesome art and the unique storytelling style of the author. This is one of a few manga I recommend to everyone!

So use your free-time now and leave my blog and start reading this masterpiece!